It is important that you read this agreement after viewing content from Splendid Yum or using any other service provided by the website owners. You must agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement, including the terms regarding "PROHIBITED LOCATIONS" from which you may not access the Website, obtain copies of the Content or use Splendid Yum's servers.
Welcome to Splendid Yum, we are glad to see you. Before accessing the Splendid Yum website, please read the terms and conditions of this agreement carefully. Splendid Yum recommends that you contact the owners of the website before requesting access to databases to view or use copies of images, videos, text or graphics. You will not be able to access the servers hosting Splendid Yum or use any content on the Site if you refuse to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below.

- At the time of payment, a charge will be taken from the subscriber's credit card.
- Subscriber information is confidential: it is intended for internal use.
- When subscribing to our services, all orders will be placed instantly to give you quick access to your member area.
-SSL encryption is used for all transactions.
- For all questions, we undertake to answer them within two working days.
- We advise you to print all terms and conditions and transaction data.
- When you subscribe to our services, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, which includes payment information. As soon as an order is placed, a contract is formed between the customer and our company.
- It is forbidden for minors to subscribe without the agreement of an adult, an adult must guarantee the subscription.


- "Qilniat Limited" designates the company invoicing the subscriber, however it is possible that the charge is made by one of the partner sites of Qilniat Limited.
- If you are a subscriber, you will need a username and password to access the site and its content.
- Once a subscriber has a valid username and password, they are considered a "member".
- Your identifiers represent your license. To access the platform, a Subscriber must use an identifier and an e-mail address that he created on the payment page.
-By “bookmark” we mean a URL that is saved to a temporary file in Subscriber's browser so that Subscriber can return to this website without logging in.
-"Platform" refers to all content on Splendid Yum, as well as content from Qilniat Limited provided to Subscriber.

When referring to the company name and website operators, "we" and "we" are used interchangeably in this agreement (sometimes referred to as Splendid Yum ). You ("Subscriber") and the owner of Splendid Yum (the "Qilniat Limited") are parties to this Agreement (the "Agreement"). By continuing to use the Website or any related content, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
Our service is committed to giving you access to your member area as soon as possible. To do this, you will receive an email informing you of your username and password.
These credentials will allow you to log into your account.

infodesk@splendidyum.com is Qilniat Limited's email address for any questions or clarifications regarding Qilniat Limited's services and terms or any other policies.
When a subscriber purchases a subscription, Splendid Yum will grant access to the platform and its hardware.
After having read the characteristics and destination of the service on the site where it was requested, and having obtained the necessary or additional information, the Subscriber is fully informed of the services provided.

Subscribing parties agree that all information, including copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property owned by the Company is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. The Company grants you a single user license to access its computer servers to use the Website for your personal, non-commercial entertainment, educational use and enjoyment solely in exchange for your representations, warranties and acknowledgments herein. deal.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, your account is password protected. Access to all content is "members only" and your acceptance of these terms and conditions will mean that you agree to be bound by all agreements made herein, including authorization and acceptance of full financial responsibility. of all charges set forth therein (subscription).
-Your subscription must be canceled at least three days before the end of the current period to end your subscription (or during your trial period, in case of a trial subscription).

-Your subscription will automatically renew if you do not cancel it at least FIVE (5) DAYS prior to the expiration date of your subscription (including any free or promotional subscription term) or during the trial period of your subscription.
- The Company has the right to terminate any membership at any time, for any reason and without notice. If you cancel your subscription more than 5 day(s) before it expires, your cancellation will be effective immediately.
- You acknowledge and agree that if you cancel your membership or if the Company cancels your membership, your password will be erased from the system and you will be entitled to all benefits of your membership until the end of such membership period. If you terminate your membership before the end of the current period, you will not be entitled to any returns.
Contact us by phone or email: infodesk@splendidyum.com.

You will have access to the Service or Website Content after completing the subscription process. Only one Subscriber can benefit from these privileges at a time. All memberships are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial or third party purposes. It is completely illegal to exploit the site or any of its contents for any commercial purpose, unless expressly authorized by the website. Site content may not be shared via file sharing platforms. In order to maintain the integrity of this agreement, Splendid Yum reserves the right to revoke these access permissions in the event of violation of the terms of this agreement. In the event of a violation, subscribers are required to immediately destroy any information or material printed, viewed or copied from the site.

Recurring billing
Charges may be automatically updated at the end of the initial specified period, for a similar period and for the same or lesser amount, unless a cancellation request is received from Subscriber in accordance with the terms and conditions of the site. Until the terms of this Agreement are terminated, Subscriber permits Splendid Yum to charge the selected payment method for the ongoing cost of membership. Splendid Yum has been authorized to charge the subscriber for any additional transactions made on the site.

Splendid Yum may decline future transactions depending on the circumstances. In the event of a fraud claim, Splendid Yum may contact the card issuer on behalf of the Subscriber to protect the Subscriber and prevent further fraudulent purchases from being made. See refund policy for more information.
Customer refund requests are always welcome at Qilniat Limited. Visit the Refund Policy page for a full review of the Terms and Conditions.

Expenses and Fees
Upon initial subscription, the Site may charge periodic subscription fees. As stated in the Terms and Conditions of the Site, the member is solely responsible for all payments.
Transfer of access authorizations
A username and password are used to access the site. Subscribers may not share access with anyone and must maintain their access privileges private. Unless required by law or court order, Qilniat Limited will never disclose a subscriber's password to anyone other than the subscriber. If you access the site without authorization, it is a violation of this agreement. The Site Owner has the ability to monitor the IP addresses of all visitors to the Site at any time. Qilniat Limited must be immediately notified of any breach of security, theft, loss of access or unauthorized disclosure of access rights information. Until Qilniat Limited is alerted to a security breach by email or telephone, subscriber will be responsible for any unauthorized use of the service.

A trial period for a customer is 5 day(s) for 1.95 € during registration. If a customer leaves subscribed before the end of the trial period, the plan Apprentice is automatically brought to date at 29.95 € / month, the plan Deputy Chief is brought to date at 49.95 € / month and the plan Chief is brought to date at 89.95 € / month.
Qilniat Limited reserves the right to do preauthorization of the renewal payment. In case a user initiates a refund request, the renewal amount can be voided and promptly returned to the source of payment.
Qilniat Limited   reserves the right to change the price of membership in favor of the client proving a discount for the service (50%). Service can be renewed at a discounted price within 5, 10, 15 days after billing date with a minimum fee of 1 €.
In case a discount is provided to the customer, the price of the package is reduced as per the following schedule:
- Price of Apprentice can be reduced to 14.95 €
- Price of Deputy Chief can be reduced to 24.95 €
- Price of Chief can be reduced to 44.95 €
VAT is included in all prices.

After 5 days of a trial period, if a consumer decides to cancel, no subscription fee will be charged.
If multiple payment methods are used, the subscriber's statement will show each individual purchase in the transaction. Splendid Yum may include additional subscriber statement information, such as credit card association, telephone regulations, or other specified regulations.
Our website offers a variety of payment options:
§ Master
§ Visa card
§ Mastercard
Payment options will appear on the page during subscriber checkout.
Qilniat Limited has the right to pre-authorize (withhold) the payment price on Subscriber's credit card. Without limit, the pre-authorization covers all prices, including the initial price and the verification sum.
Before making a payment, the customer must agree to Splendid Yum's Terms of Service, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy. To use the Services, you must tick a box that says "I accept the Terms and Conditions" and then click the "I Accept" button.

The terms and conditions may include additional terms and conditions. Under no circumstances will these Terms and Conditions be invalidated by the terms and conditions posted on the site. Under Cyprus law, this Agreement shall be construed and enforced. Contracts that are negotiated, signed and performed entirely in this country are covered by this law. Any disagreement arising from the terms of this agreement will be resolved in Cyprus.

Other websites not under the control of Qilniat Limited may be linked as a sponsor, advertiser or other third party resource. Our site has no control or responsibility for the content of third party websites and we assume no responsibility for them. You are solely responsible for your interactions and correspondence with sponsors, advertisers and any other third parties with whom you come into contact as a result of using the Site. As a condition of using Qilniat Limited, you acknowledge that we are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from any dealings you have with sponsors, third parties or advertisers on the site.
Email, regular mail, and phone calls are all acceptable methods of notification for subscribers. All communications referring to the Site should be sent to Qilniat Limited at this address: [email protected]. All service cancellations on a Site should be sent to Qilniat Limited as well as the Site itself.
Subscribers of Qilniat Limited may send any questions regSarding these terms and conditions to the following email address: infodesk@splendidyum.com .
Please note that Splendid Yum CANNOT AND DOES NOT WARRANT that files available for view via the Internet will be free of harmful or destructive code such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other code agents. EACH USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THE ACCURACY OF ALL DATA INPUT AND OUTPUT AND FOR MAINTAINING A MEANS EXTERNAL TO THE SITE FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION OF ANY LOST DATA THAT THE USER HAS PERFORMED PROCEDURES AND CHECKPOINTS ENOUGH.

The use of the Internet subscription by members is at their own risk and under their responsibility. Site visitors are solely responsible for their own actions while using the site. There are no warranties, express or implied, regarding the content. All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and title, are disclaimed by Splendid Yum. In no event shall Splendid Yum be liable for any damages including, , damages for loss of data, loss of profit or property damage arising from the use of the website, even if Splendid Yum has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Splendid Yum reserves the right to make changes or improvements to the content at any time, including but not limited to technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. User, not Splendid Yum, assumes the entire cost of any necessary service, repair, or correction for loss or damage arising from use of the site or its content. It is Splendid Yum's responsibility to ensure that Content does not infringe on the rights of others, and it accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in Content. All countries, states, provinces , counties and other jurisdictions are not covered by Splendid Yum's warranties or representations regarding the suitability or legality of the Content for use in such jurisdictions. SUBSCRIBERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAWS IF SUBSCRIBERS CHOOSE TO ENTER THE SITE.

Modes of expression
You can reach us by e-mail or on the Site: Splendid Yum.
It is understood and agreed that Subscriber's email address or other means of communicating with Subscriber may be used to send Subscriber offers, information, or other emails or other communications of a commercial. Subscribers can show their preference for certain offers by submitting their preferences through email campaigns or other contact methods.
The service package is selected by the consumer and the member rate is based on that choice. Various membership packages are available at various costs. These are detailed on the site. Membership fees are subject to change at any time by Qilniat Limited.
Subscriber's credit card bill will show the current monthly subscription rate, which will be deducted based on Subscriber's method of payment.

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